Reengineering Philosophy

Maintaining software is challenging and expensive.

BAI wants to help you improve your code and make it better, more efficient, and cheaper to maintain. Maintenance isn't just about software, though. We want to positively impact not only your applications but also how your maintainers reason and work in their tasks.

At BAI, we prefer to think of our customers as partners.

After all, we may know reengineering--but you know your application and environment. We could do all of your reengineering for you, but when we're done all you'd have is more efficient and logical code. Long term improvement comes from us working side-by-side with you to revitalize your software. We learn together how to keep your code quality high and costs low. We don't just want to reengineer your software. We want to help you do software even better.

BAI builds its reengineering program on three core strengths: process, technology, and people. Process tells us how to do the work. Technology provides the means to efficiently implement the process. People bring the technology and process together to make a reengineering project successful.

Let's talk a little more about our reengineering process.

The reengineering process progresses in phases. First, we investigate how you maintain your software and where you want to go in reengineering. This information lets us make an informed decision about how we can contribute to your organization.

We partner with you to create a reengineering plan that suits where you need to go based on the assessment. Typical plans emphasize traditional software practices such as configuration management and testing combined with unique reengineering elements like restructuring, comprehensibility improvement, rehosting, translation, commercial product integration and reverse engineering.

Reengineering success reaches achievable goals through good planning. We tailor projects to the individual partnership. Contact us to discuss how software reengineering can help you achieve your goals.

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